Company Summary

Founded in 2011, Dorr Capital Corporation has grown to a $2.2B total loan value in the commercial real estate mortgage business. The company specializes in mortgages in the purchase of land, land development and new home construction in the growing Ontario market. Brian Dorr created Dorr Capital when he recognized a need in the market to help developers find creative solutions for borrowing, founded in honest, trustworthy partnerships. The company’s goal is to open the mortgage investment market to private investors and diversify their investment portfolio as an alternative to traditional stock and bond assets.

Unique Value Proposition

Dorr Capital operates in a specialized investment market – private debt. In 2021 they launched, RealAlt® Mortgage Fund. The mortgage fund spreads the investment risk over multiple loans; – in the land and land development market in Ontario.  With Dorr Capitals’ exceptional growth during the volatile pandemic years, Investments into the RealAlt mortgage offers:

  • As of Dec 31, 2021, a return of 10.57%
  • The security on borrowers’ property
  • Monthly interest payments
  • Diversification from traditional investing

Tax benefits through tax deferment

AUM ($Bil)

$2.2B in loans under administration

Year Founded


Key Personnel

Brian Dorr
President and Chief Executive Officer

Riccardo Plati
Executive Vice-President

Harshil Meraiya, MBA
Mortgage Fund Investment Manager


41 Scarsdale Rd #6, Toronto ON M3B 2R2

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