What is Wealth Management Canada?

Wealth Management Canada is an online resource for Canadian investors.

Our mission is to assist high net worth investors in navigating the wealth management industry, to cut through some of the noise, and connect them with quality wealth managers.

We work with a limited number of wealth management firms, who are all independent, discretionary portfolio managers.  The selection process is based on extensive manager research, taking into account the people, philosophy, process, and performance of each firm, before they are invited to join our platform.

How does Wealth Management Canada make money?

Wealth Management Canada is paid by the wealth managers, who pay an annual fee for a membership to our website. Each company pays the same flat fee and we do not charge or receive any additional fees (eg. lead or referral fees).  This ensures that all firms are treated equally and removes bias when matching investors with wealth managers.

This compensation structure allows us to be objective when considering which firms could be a good fit for an investor.

We are committed to making our process transparent and welcome any questions you may have regarding Wealth Management Canada’s business.

Can I use your services if I’m not Canadian?

We evaluate all inquires on a case-by-case basis.  Please complete our questionnaire and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

What does Wealth Management Canada do with my data?

Personal information you provide to Wealth Management Canada is kept confidential. We do not disclose or share your information with third parties.

Only when you tell us you’d like us to make an introduction do we provide your contact information to the wealth manager of your choosing.

How does a wealth manager make it on your platform?

We conduct extensive due diligence to identify the best wealth management companies in Canada. The wealth managers who meet our quality standards are then invited to join our platform.

We’re obsessed with quality!  And only work with the wealth managers who demonstrate excellence and share our values of putting investors first.


How does Wealth Management Canada work?

Our process is simple and easy. To start, complete our online questionnaire. You’ll then speak with one of our experts to confirm your responses (we also want to give you the opportunity to ask us any questions). Next, you’ll receive a short list of wealth managers tailored specifically to you. And lastly, if you’d like, we will introduce you to the appropriate individuals at the firms of your choosing.

If at any stage you decide you do not wish to proceed that’s perfectly ok. There is no obligation on your part to take action.

Who can use Wealth Management Canada’s services?

Our services are offered to all investors with portfolios starting at $500,000.

What is the cost to use Wealth Management Canada?

Wealth Management Canada is a free service for investors.

How is this possible?  We’re paid by the wealth managers we invite to join our platform. Each firm pays an annual fee to be listed on our website. We do not earn any additional fees, such as referral fees, whether we make an introduction or an investor ultimately decides to hire one of the firms.

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