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Founded in 2000, Wealth Management MW offers critically important wealth management solutions tailored to its clients. “Money making advice, engineered to last” is the motto of Monica’s team. Wealth Management MW’s approach to wealth management is holistic – grow and protect client’s wealth.

Source: Wealth Management MW

Unique Value Proposition

Tax advisory: Minimizing the taxes you pay, and complying with the tax rules, allows you to keep the maximum amount of money in your pockets.

Income generation: If you find that your income is not sufficient to cover your expenses, you may want to consider an additional income stream, generated safely by alternative investments.

Estate planning: In case you do not have a will (intestacy), laws of the province you live in apply a set formula to divide the estate among the beneficiaries. The results could be very different from what you really want.

Retirement planning: As you approach retirement, it is important to review your future sources of income, probable expenses and build a roadmap.

Financial planning: Every aspect of your financial health is included. It covers analysis of cash flow and investment selection, protection of your current wealth, tax planning (involving your/a tax professional) and optimization of wealth transfer to your beneficiaries or creation of the most efficient and long lasting legacy.

Source: Wealth Management MW

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Key Personnel

Monica J. Weissmann, Financial & Life Insurance Advisor
Monika Kucinskaite, Marketing Associate


4101 Yonge Street, Suite 700
Toronto, ON
M2P 1N6

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