Company Summary

As a totally independent firm, Vestcap is free from the conflicts of interest that beset many publicly-traded investment counseling firms, allowing us to make decisions entirely in the best interests of our clients, not shareholders. Our multi-talented team of portfolio managers, with backgrounds in economics, political science, engineering, communications and law, is dedicated to carrying out Vestcap’s philosophy. Our portfolio managers have spent their entire careers in the wealth management industry and use a disciplined approach that leverages the team’s average of 45 years of experience in portfolio management.

Besides our team’s experience and proven track record, perhaps our most important differentiator is our genuine enjoyment of contact with our clients. Indeed, we welcome clients’ input regarding any aspect of their portfolio’s management. We aim to work with our clients to consistently increase their net worth over time, and to keep their portfolio in tune with their own unique goals. This basic philosophy has allowed us to methodically expand our business, ensuring each client receives personal attention as we advance their portfolios.

Source: Vestcap Investment Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

As an investment counseling firm catering primarily to high net worth individuals who have spent a lifetime achieving financial independence, we employ a broadly conservative investment philosophy with a long time horizon. Above all, we emphasize the preservation of capital by attempting to generate an overall portfolio return superior to the rate of inflation. After all, many of our clients emphasize to us that their capital is vital to their financial well-being. With that in mind, we attempt to ensure that their portfolios are managed in a responsible and consistent manner, with relatively low volatility and steady, patient growth. Our track record of some 23 years bears witness to the way in which we have been faithful to our philosophy.

Our investment process begins with a macroeconomic view: we are constantly forming and reforming our opinions on global, North American, and Canadian economic trends. As we carry out this process, we are continually monitoring and tweaking model portfolios and individual client portfolios accordingly, altering asset class mixes where appropriate, with the intention of being better positioned—whether to benefit from rising markets or to shield capital from sell-offs. This process is largely a team effort, and involves subjecting our researched opinions to critical group scrutiny; by doing so, we believe that only the most reasoned and fundamentally sound ideas survive.

Source: Vestcap Investment Management Inc.

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Key Personnel

M. Nugent Schneider - Founder & Chair of the Board
Roger Glassco - President & CEO
Leo Frank - Chair, Investment Committee


Commerce Court West
199 Bay Street, Suite 2902
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5L 1G5

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