Company Summary

We understand that when you partner with us, you place your trust with us. We value the opportunity to win and to keep your confidence by working with you to achieve your financial goals – as you define them.

Here is what you can expect from the Toron AMI experience:

Responsiveness – Always providing you with open, honest and transparent communication to ensure you are fully informed and your investments are centred on your goals.

Customization – Creating and managing your portfolio to attain your return objectives, stay within your risk profile, consider taxable status, and meeting the timing and size of your cash-flow requirements.

Original Research – Never relying on “off-the-shelf” opinions: we apply our disciplined, fundamental research to uncover exceptional investment opportunities.

Prudence – Using our deeply embedded expertise in risk management to protect your portfolio over the long term as we work to grow it.

Continuous Alignment – Growing with you and with your investment needs. Toron AMI is purpose-built to align with our clients’ interests.

Source: Toron AMI International Asset Management

Unique Value Proposition

Our partners are passionate about meeting clients needs. We have crafted Canadian and global investment methodologies and combined them with a risk management approach that has been deployed and proven over decades.

Original research underlies every investment decision. Our independence and ownership of the firm ensure a client-focused orientation to performance.

Toron AMI’s risk management expertise is, and always has been, embedded in how we select investments and build every portfolio. We consistently apply prudence to steward capital in allmarket conditions.

Our size equals effectiveness. We are small enough to have a personal relationship with you. We are big enough to be effective with every dollar entrusted to us.

We are aligned in our operations so that all aspects of our business work together for our clients in Canada and around the world. We lead with exceptional service: our clients are our only masters.

Solid Foundations:
At Toron AMI, we believe structure drives performance. Our firm has been purpose-built to meet each client’s unique needs. Disciplined, proven, replicable investment processes ensure we remain consistent over time. Our long track record verifies the value of our strategies.

Our past plus a strong future: Our predecessor firms began operating in 1959 and 1988. That means stability and continuity. It speaks of our clients’ successes over decades. You can be confident we will have a strong future together.

Source: Toron AMI International Asset Management

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Key Personnel

Arthur Heinmaa, CFA, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner
Ron Patton, CA, CFA, Partner, Senior Vice President & Head of Canadian Investment Mandates


590 King St. West, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M3

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