Company Summary

Thornmark Asset Management Inc. is an independent and focused portfolio management firm servicing high net worth families, foundations and institutions. Balancing growth with capital preservation, Thornmark has established itself as a premier North American investment manager.

Source: Thornmark Asset Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

The cornerstone of Thornmark’s investment process is our Value-Shift™ investment philosophy. The philosophy is predicated on two principles: first, as an economic cycle unfolds, there is a direct correlation between investment style and investment return; and second, there is no one style that outperforms all others over an entire cycle.

While the Value-Shift™ investment philosophy has a value style bias – selecting investments that trade below their intrinsic value – the philosophy’s flexibility allows for shifts to include growth and momentum styles throughout the progression of an economic cycle. Trading opportunities are exploited at any point in the cycle.

Source: Thornmark Asset Management Inc.

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Key Personnel

Daniel L. Bain, Chief Investment Officer & CEO
Michael Burns, President


Thornmark Asset Management Inc.
119 Spadina Avenue
Suite 701
Toronto, ON M5V 2L1

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