Company Summary

Stone Asset Management Limited (“SAM”) is an independent, 100% Canadian-owned asset management company, providing investment expertise and investment fund management to mutual funds, flow-through limited partnerships, investment funds, endowments, private clients and corporations. SAM professionals share a wealth of industry experience and are well regarded in the Canadian investment community for their commitment to superior service and disciplined investment process. Their collective goal is to attain wealth creation for each investor and their families.

Source: Stone Asset Management Limited

Unique Value Proposition

Stone has maintained our commitment to our core corporate values:

• To help our customers achieve their long-term financial goals beyond just providing a return on their money.

• To provide the best possible customer service by listening and responding to our customers’ needs.

• To conduct our business in the highest professional and ethical manner.

• To satisfy our employees’ desire for professional growth and encourage their participation in our community.

Source: Stone Asset Management Limited

AUM ($Bil)


Year Founded


Key Personnel

Richard G. Stone, CIM, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer
Mohsin Bashir, CFA, BA Vice President, Investments
Michael Giordano, CPA, CA, MBA, CIM, Vice President, Investments

Source: Stone Asset Management


36 Toronto Street, Suite 710
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2C5

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