Company Summary

At Sprung, our focus is building and managing investment portfolios that are custom tailored to individual circumstances and long-term goals. Our firm caters to high net worth investors who have outgrown mass market products, have tired of chasing market trends and prefer the personal attention of dealing directly with the Principals of their investment management firm.Independent and partner-owned, all research and investment decision-making is handled in-house by the Sprung team. We do not recommend or sell anything except our services – our revenue is generated solely through client fees.

Source: Sprung Investment Management

Unique Value Proposition

Our Investment Management practice is suitable for high net worth individuals who have minimum investable assets of $500,000, believe in value investing as a means to protect wealth and want the personal attention of dealing directly with company principals. Sprung is different from other investment management firms in that we make a deliberate attempt to minimize trading and transaction costs. Our decisions are based on due diligence and staying our course rather than reacting to market volatility.

Sprung Investment Management possesses three characteristics that make us unique among your other choices:

1) No layers of agents or handlers. You speak directly to the analysts and decision-makers managing your portfolio.
2) Though we are a small boutique, we provide consulting services to larger firms on Bay Street that hire us for our expertise, insight and analyses. The approach and diligence we provide to you is the same that drives the investment decisions of leading industry players.
3) We do one thing only – and we do it very well. Sprung adheres to our value investing approach and is not swayed by market trends.

Source: Sprung Investment Management

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Key Personnel

Michael Sprung, President
Fred Palik, Vice President
Joie P. Watts, Vice President
Lois O'Sullivan, Vice President


121 Richmond Street West, Suite 1101
Toronto ON M5H 2K1

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