Company Summary

Sionna dosen’t ask stocks to go any place that they’re never been before. Instead, we look for them to do what they’ve done in the past – revert to their intrinsic value.

Sionna’s Relative Value Style
Sionna uses a relative value investment style – a pragmatic approach to capitalizing on the Canadian market, which is overweighted in resources. We consider cyclical stocks that more restrictive investing styles won’t. This provides a broader pool of prospective stocks.

Sionna’s Intrinsic Value Model
Sionna’s relative value style calculates a stock’s intrinsic value using quantitative analysis with a qualitative “scrub test.” We pick stocks when they’re trading much lower than our calculations. We earn returns when they revert to intrinsic value.

Source: Sionna Investment Managers

Unique Value Proposition

Stock prices are influenced by human nature as much as a company’s intrinsic value (assets, earnings and cash flows). Management teams often overvalue or undervalue their companies; investors buy on good news, sell on bad news and ignore or overlook companies not making any news at all. These factors can create schisms between price and value. Sionna takes advantage of these schisms by picking Canadian stocks when they are trading significantly below our calculation of intrinsic value. We earn returns when they revert to their intrinsic value.

Source: Sionna Investment Managers

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Key Personnel

Kim Shannon, President and CIO
Teresa Lee, Portfolio Manager & Managing Director
Marian Hoffmann, Portfolio Manager


8 King Street East, Suite 1600
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1B5

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