Company Summary

Sharp Asset Management Inc. is a small Investment Counselling firm that is 100% owner operated. Since we are a highly concentrated group of professionals, we are able to respond quickly to changing market conditions. We are not affiliated with any financial institution, securities firm or mutual fund company; as a result our investment decisions are unbiased. We do not earn any commissions or fees on investments we choose on behalf of our clients. Our efforts are completely focused on achieving the investment objectives for each client.

Sharp Asset Management was incorporated in 1995. Our only business is providing investment management services to both Institutions and Private Clients. We have $175 million under management. Our clients include Private Individuals, Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions.

Personalized Service
We provide customized management services to meet our clients’ investment needs. Our clients have direct access to the investment professional responsible for managing their portfolio which allows us to respond more quickly to changing client needs.

A Solid Network of Key Contacts
Our investment management team draws from a large resource base of highly qualified professional securities brokers, analysts, economists and account custodians. Since we have no affiliation with any particular firm or Financial Institution, we select only the products and services which are best for each client.

Source: Sharp Asset Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

We believe that a value-driven, disciplined approach to capital markets will achieve consistent superior long term rates of return. When it comes to making investment decisions for our clients assets, Sharp Asset Management uses distinct approaches for both fixed income and equity portfolios.

Fixed Income (Bonds)
Sharp Asset Management specializes in developing customized portfolio structures which meet our clients needs for income, safety and liquidity. Portfolios are managed using a highly developed decision-making process with an emphasis on credit quality.

Specifically, we use a top-down, three-perspective approach which determines the trends in interest rates.

We begin with a broad-based fundamental analysis which provides a big picture, global, North American and Canadian view of developing trends in economic growth and inflation.

A quantitative analysis narrows economic trends down to the bond market level using yield-curve analysis and relates past economic experiences to the present situation.
Technical analysis is conducted to measure the current sentiment of investors. Using our proprietary models, we can capitalize on changes in market trends.

Equities (Stocks)
The primary focus is on developing a portfolio of large capitalization, blue chip stocks that have above average growth potential and below average valuations

We use a bottom up value style for selecting individual stocks.
A number of quantitative tools based on our proprietary data base are used to rank a universe of large capitalization stocks.
The most attractive stocks are subjected to a fundamental analysis of operations and future prospects using primary sources of information.
Through technical analysis, we identify trading ranges and set price targets.

Source: Sharp Asset Management Inc.

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Key Personnel

Patricia Stewart CFA, President & Chief Compliance Officer
Thomas Poff CFA, Executive Vice-President


P.O. Box 74539 Humbertown Centre
270 The Kingsway
Toronto, Ontario
M9A 5E2.1

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