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At Russell Investments, we stand with you, whether you’re an institutional investor, a financial advisor, or an individual guided by an advisor’s personalized advice. We deliver multi-asset solutions that support you in three important ways:

We are flexible to meet investors’ evolving needs

We focus on the two things investors have told us matter: successful long-term outcomes, and having an asset manager who listens and responds to your evolving needs.

We are adaptable to changing market conditions

Your needs change. Markets change. So we work continuously to develop strategies, products and processes designed to adapt to changing market conditions and help you solve real problems. We relentlessly seek to identify the world’s top investment strategies – whether they are internal to Russell or not. We then carefully combine them for use in your portfolio.

We have a unique combination of core capabilities, each grounded in our evidence-driven approach.

We believe smart decisions depend on timely research and insights. So we inspect and analyze key factors affecting your desired outcomes, and create and adjust strategies to help you reach them. We are a recognized leader in manager research and capital market insights.

Source: Russell Investment Management

Unique Value Proposition

We focus on the real goals of investors.

We recognize that the money we manage represents the hard work and savings of real people like you.What is it you’re trying to accomplish? Are you an institutional investor trying to improve the funded status of your plan? Or are you an investor working toward a secure retirement with the personalized advice of an advisor. Or perhaps you’re a financial advisor managing the overall financial security of a client.

Once we understand your desired outcome, we can provide you with a portfolio built with the appropriate contents and strategies. But we start with your real goals in mind.

Our evidence-driven approach

We believe smart decisions are grounded in timely research and insights. So we inspect and analyze key factors affecting your desired outcomes, and seek to create and adjust strategies to help you reach them. Of course, diversification and multi-asset investing do not assure a profit or protect against loss.

A unique combination of core capabilities

To create multi-asset solutions, we draw from capabilities created and integrated in response to investors’ needs. We are one of only a few firms that offer capital markets insights, manager research, portfolio construction, portfolio implementation and Indexes.

We research markets globally. We research managers, seeking to identify leading performers. We have decades of experience successfully building and managing portfolios. Our implementation efficiency is anchored by a robust trading desk. Our precise views of market segments and performance are enhanced by our experience in building equity indexes. When it comes to our multi-asset solutions, all these capabilities are brought to bear on behalf of our clients. And they’re all aimed precisely at helping these clients reach their outcomes.

An open-architecture approach:

We believe an effective multi-asset portfolio is built from the best global strategies. But no firm can look an investor in the eye and honestly say, “I’m good at everything.” So we don’t try to do it all in-house. Instead, we put our efforts into researching independent money managers from around the world – with the goal of finding top performers – then combining those manager products into the strategies within our portfolios.

Efficient portfolio management

Multi-asset portfolios are complicated by their very nature. More moving parts requires greater expertise in the trading activities of portfolio management. So Russell’s robust, respected trading desk focuses on keeping every penny of your portfolio hard at work.

Source: Russell Investment Management

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David Feather, President and CEO (Canada)
Gregory Nott, Chief Investment Officer (Canada)


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