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When the first PWL Capital office opened in 1996, we wanted to offer Canadian families like yours a private wealth management boutique that went beyond any previous standards of integrity,objectivity and expertise. We created an innovative boutique that offers a personable and sophisticated approach that’s completely centered on your goals.

Since then, we have been extremely gratified to see so many of you discover how PWL Capital’s advisors provide integrated investment, tax, retirement and estate strategies that stand fast through difficult markets. Our time-tested academic investment principles ensure we never risk our clients’ long-term wealth on short-term investment fads.

At PWL Capital, our focus is simple: we do what’s right for you, each and every day. In return clients like you have rewarded us with more than a decade of trust, loyalty and respect.

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Unique Value Proposition

Meeting a lifetime of objectives

The philosophy behind PWL’s wealth management framework underpins our approach to managing investment portfolios. Rather than simply allowing low risk to dictate low returns, PWL Capital sets clear investment objectives and employs proactive strategies to pursue them. These strategies are based on the investment science of Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory and asset pricing models developed by Eugene Fama at the University of Chicago and Kenneth French at Dartmouth University.

Adding Value; Reducing Risk

Markets are Efficient
Active managers can’t consistently beat the market. While the market price might not always be right, efforts to identify undervalued stocks are not rewarded consistently.

Diversification is Key
It reduces the impact of individual securities and enables investors to scientifically employ the risk factors that offer higher expected returns.

Risk and Return Are Related
Increasing the expected return on a portfolio requires an increased exposure to the equity market and/or to riskier Value and Small Cap companies.

Portfolio Structure Explains Performance
Asset allocation, not stock picking or market timing, accounts for most of the performance in a diversified investment strategy.

Costs & Taxes Matter
Investors only keep net returns, so every dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Source: PWL Capital

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Key Personnel

Anthony Layton, Chairman & CEO (and Founder)
James Parkyn, Founder & Portfolio Manager
Peter Guay, Portfolio Manager


3 Church Street, Suite 601
Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1M2

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