Company Summary

Patrimonica is a fiercely independent and integrated family office. It encompasses two legal entities, an accounting, financial, tax and estate planning practice and its subsidiary, Patrimonica Asset Management inc. which provides investment management services.

Patrimonica coordinates the entire range of financial activities of an individual and his/her family. This approach centralizes contact and decision making in a singular point of reference.

The Patrimonica team is comprised of highly qualified, experienced professionals who are entirely dedicated to addressing client needs. The practice is owned entirely by its senior officers, ensuring absolute objectivity and a true alignment of interests.

Source: Patrimonica Asset Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

We apply the following exhaustive and rigorous process:
• Define the expectations and the overall financial objectives of individuals and their families
• Develop a comprehensive balance sheet of family wealth
• Prepare a wealth diagnostic in connection with the objectives, underlining the related risks
• Adopt a global strategy and an action plan – at this stage,
inheritance, financial and fiscal planning are taken into account
• Coordinate the professionals required to ensure that the action plan is implemented, which can be done by our team or by professionals designated by the family
• Develop a personalized dashboard tracking the status of family wealth, based on desired frequency
This approach provides a global perspective of family wealth and allows to:
• Pinpoint the right diagnostic
• Adapt the strategies based on family objectives
• Reduce any related risks
• Optimize the plan transmitted to the following generations
• Maximize returns and reduce expenses

Source: Patrimonica Asset Management Inc.

AUM ($Bil)

Year Founded


Key Personnel

Diane Henry, President
Bill Healy, M.Sc., CFA. Managing Director
Peggy Katsabanis, Manager, Operations


Patrimonica Inc.
555 René-Lévesque Blvd. West
Suite 1230
Montreal, QC
H2Z 1B1

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