Company Summary

Not everyone has the time necessary to make sound financial decisions and give their personal wealth management the attention it needs. When life gets too busy, your secure financial future doesn’t have to suffer. Find out how you can pay less income tax, make wise, long-term investments, retire comfortably, and ensure your money is managed according to the highest professional standards with an experienced, Vancouver-based financial advisor from Pacific Spirit.

Source: Pacific Spirit Investment Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

From highly personalized portfolio management, to comprehensive financial planning, Pacific Spirit rises above the standard service offerings of other personal wealth management firms.

We offer:

The most extensive range of financial expertise and services available, combined with outstanding professionalism and qualifications

Fee-based financial planning – the advice you receive is never commission-motivated

Customized personal wealth management services – we’re independent, so your advice is never influenced by parent company brands or investment restrictions

Source: Pacific Spirit Investment Management Inc.

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Key Personnel

John S. Clark, President
Dennis Wan, Portfolio Manager
Iris Tang, Financial Accountant


Suite 1100-800 Pender St W,
Vancouver, BC
V6C 2V6

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