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Trusted by Private Clients and Foundations for over 30 Years

When it comes to money management and building wealth, affluent individuals and families have an overwhelming array of choices from whom to seek advice. Nexus, as a discretionary portfolio manager, provides investment management and financial counselling solely to private clients and foundations.

Nexus understands that individuals cannot easily replace wealth. Their approach is designed to protect your life savings while building the real value of your portfolio over time. Their experience shows that a common sense, well-planned approach works best.

Independent Advice

Nexus is independent and wholly-owned by its principals. Their interests are directly aligned with the long-term investment success of their clients. They receive no commissions or other incentives to promote particular ‘products’. You will benefit from advice that is based solely on objective analysis, industry experience, and the Nexus commitment to honest and open communication.

Unique Value Proposition

An Integrated & Tailored Approach

Few portfolio managers offer financial counselling and investment management under the same roof, but Nexus does. An integrated financial and investment plan with Nexus means an asset allocation tailored to your circumstances and risk tolerance. Planning helps identify your goals and ambitions; how much you need to save, how much you can afford to spend, and when you can retire.

Investment Management

Nexus structures client portfolios to do three things: produce superior investment returns over the long term, preserve capital in down markets, and dampen the distracting ups and downs in volatile times. It’s a disciplined and patient approach. Nexus applies a growth-at- a-reasonable-price (“GARP”) philosophy to select stocks that offer both growth and defensiveness. They actively manage the fixed income component of client portfolios with high-quality, investment-grade securities.

Financial Counselling

Financial counselling assists clients with tax efficiency, estate planning and investment structuring. These services are intelligently integrated into the investment management process to create a clear plan for achieving your desired financial objectives and the long-term growth of your portfolio.

On an ongoing basis, you will benefit from Nexus’s high-touch client service model – and the proof is their remarkably loyal client base and high recommendation rates. Their goal is to give you peace of mind that your assets are being looked after prudently, and with purpose.

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Geoffrey Gouinlock
Principal & Portfolio Manager


111 Richmond Street West, Suite 801
Toronto, Ontario
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