Company Summary

Newport Private Wealth is one of Canada’s largest independent wealth management firms serving high-net-worth individuals from coast to coast.

Why We Started Newport
We saw both a need and an opportunity for a better private wealth management experience for Canadians. Having sold a predecessor firm to a major bank, we had our own capital to manage and a view that no one provider was optimally meeting all of the needs high-net-worth individuals have. We were frustrated with what we saw as inherent flaws in the traditional industry models. Institutions that put shareholders’ interests ahead of clients.’ An emphasis on selling over servicing. Volatile investment returns and a heavy dependence on stocks and bonds.

Client Experience
“We knew what was missing from other business models was the client’s perspective,” explains Douglas Brown, Co-founder, President and CEO of Newport.

In 2001, we created Newport based on a new ideal: adopt the best practices of ultra-high-net-worth investors to make them available to a broader group of investors and eliminate conflicts of interest to align the interests of wealth professionals with clients.
We became our own first clients and quickly attracted like-minded families who wanted the same things: independent, unbiased advice; access to preferred investment managers; true diversification; access to quality private investments; and holistic planning services.

Our clients come from all walks of life from all across Canada but generally have three common investment objectives that Newport helps them achieve:
• Generate income to fund my lifestyle
• Grow my capital beyond the rate of inflation
• Protect my capital from significant or permanent loss

Our tagline, “We take a different perspective. Yours.” is more than a tagline. It’s why we exist.

Source: Newport Private Wealth Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

Focus on serving individuals and families
Some firms manage money for both institutional and individual investors. But institutions have a different profile – they pay no tax, often have predictable liquidity needs, longer time horizons and let’s face it, it’s not their own money. We serve individuals exclusively because your needs are different and merit an approach that recognizes this.

Independent ownership and thinking
Our independence is critical to our ability to perform optimally: independent ownership that doesn’t bias our actions and independent entrepreneurial thinking that doesn’t follow the herd but is creative and resourceful about identifying opportunities in any market environment. This has been our operating philosophy since the day we opened our doors.

Exclusive access to preferred investments
In addition to stocks and bonds, we’ve developed the skill sets and networks to be able to invest in unique private investments – the sort generally reserved for ultra-high-net worth investors. Although known as “alternative” investments, they’re as basic as apartment buildings, seniors’ housing and infrastructure projects. For some of these, we are among only a handful of firms who are able to participate. Why does this matter?A combination of high-quality traditional and alternative assets is proven to enhance returns with less dependence on the stock market and its dramatic ups and downs.

Wealth management services
“Investment management” and “wealth management” are often used interchangeably, but they are different. At Newport, investment management is a key component of integrated wealth management, along with tax planning, retirement planning, asset and income protection, estate and succession planning, etc. These are also provided by our multi-disciplined team in partnership with a client’s own advisors. Our comprehensive approach is based on the fundamental belief that if you are just managing your investments, you’re not truly managing your wealth.

Source: Newport Private Wealth Inc.

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Key Personnel

Douglas Brown, Co-founder, President & CEO
Mark Kinney, Co-founder, Chief Investment Manager
David Lloyd, Co-founder, Chief Wealth Management Officer


469 King Street West, 4th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1K4

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