Company Summary

Matco Financial is an independent, privately held discretionary investment counsellor & asset management firm that has been serving the needs of individual investors, planners, advisors, trusts, corporations, and not-for-profit organizations.

Our expertise and focus is investment in Canadian income & equity income securities and North American energy stocks.

Our mission is to provide investment solutions that are designed to protect capital, generate income, and achieve long-term growth without exposing our clients to unnecessary risk.

Source: Matco Financial Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

Matco Financial’s investment philosophy is founded on a process-driven approach to managing money that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

It is our longstanding experience interpreting fundamental data that provides our clients with more consistent and reliable returns and less unnecessary downside risk.

Matco’s underlying investment style is defined as lower volatility, lower turnover, income and growth at a reasonable price (iGARP).

The key to our successful wealth counselling & investment management is:
• We don’t manage to benchmarks. Although benchmarks are important measurement tools for analyzing investment success, we don’t explicitly manage to them. Instead we place our primary focus on providing the best-possible risk-adjusted returns for our clients.
• We believe in buying businesses, not stocks. We thoroughly analyze each holding and commit to the buy thesis before it becomes a component of your portfolio.
• We manage concentrated portfolios. Our portfolios generally hold between 30-40 companies. This means our clients are protected from over-diversification.
• We remain focused and committed to our areas of expertise; by investing in our areas of expertise we are not experimenting.
• We don’t only think in terms of total return. Although total returns are important to measuring the growth of a portfolio, we also focus on our clients’ after-tax returns to ensure you can meet your income objectives.
• We offer no load, low-fee mutual funds & individual customized portfolios including low cost ETFs. Matco uses both in house proprietary money management and external Funds & ETFs to ensure client portfolios have exposure to all key asset classes and are ultimately well-diversified from a risk management perspective.

Source: Matco Financial Inc.

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Key Personnel

Jason N. Vincent, President & Chief Operating Officer
Bill K. Dickie, Chief Investment Officer
Jill Angevine, Vice President


400, 407 - 8th Avenue SW,
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 1E5

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