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Martin, Lucas & Seagram
is one of Canada’s oldest independently owned investment counselling firms. We have been providing investment management services to investors for over 60 years. During this time our focus and commitment have remained unchanged
– to provide a highly personalized service dedicated to maintaining and improving our clients’ financial well-being. We presently manage over $700 million in client assets, consisting of individual accounts ranging from several hundred thousand to tens of millions of dollars. We accept new clients having minimum total investable assets of $800,000.

Our firm serves individual investors and family groups as well as the trustees of endowment, estate and charitable funds.
Our team of investment professionals provides our clients with a deep pool of expertise based on the many years of experience and education we believe is necessary to achieve our client’s goals. Together with our knowledgeable support staff, we are able to provide a high level of personalized service to each of our clients.

Source: Martin, Lucas & Seagram Ltd.

Unique Value Proposition

Martin, Lucas & Seagram’s investment approach starts with an overview of the economy and global economic trends. The risks and rewards are then assessed between fixed income securities and common stocks. All investment strategies are designed to meet the particular needs and circumstances of each client. The appropriate division between asset classes depends on our clients’ objectives as well as the prospects for the security markets and individual investments within each market segment.

All investment counsellors at Martin, Lucas & Seagram have extensive experience in research and security analysis. Security selection is based predominantly on fundamental analysis and concentrates on appraising the relative merits of each investment opportunity.

In selecting equities, we look for companies having underlying values and prospects which are attractive relative to their market prices. Emphasis is put on companies with powerhouse attributes, and we place a great importance on reliable dividends, strong balance sheets and unique competitive advantages.

We view credit risk and term-to-maturity as the most critical factors to be considered when investing in fixed income securities. These are appraised in light of our forecast for the future trend of interest rates, currency values and other factors which have an impact on risk.

At Martin, Lucas & Seagram we believe that fundamental research and basic common sense are the key ingredients for good long-term investment performance.

Source: Martin, Lucas & Seagram Ltd.

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Key Personnel

David A. Edmison, President
Rowland W. Bell, Senior Vice-President


48 Yonge St Suite 620
Toronto, ON
M5E 1G9

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