Company Summary

Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management is an independent investment firm that provides discretionary management services for private clients and institutional investors.

Our approach to investing is securely founded on a deep value-based philosophy – we are stubbornly focused on only buying quality businesses whose prices are compellingly cheap.

Our firm is committed to preserving capital, managing risk and exceeding client expectations both in terms of service and long-term investment returns.

Source: Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based upon the principles of fundamental value investing. The type of company in which we seek to invest is one whose intrinsic value is greater than the stated price of its shares. This provides investors with a “margin of safety” (a concept outlined by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet’s professor and mentor), which is the key to capital preservation.

While we are not active traders, we will not hesitate to sell all or part of an investment that we believe has become over-valued. Experienced investors know that holding shares in a company whose share price is irrationally high inevitably leads to losses. We carefully monitor our existing holdings to ensure that our investment thesis remains valid.

Diversification is a fundamental aspect of our risk management process. We maintain guidelines regarding the maximum size of any single holding and exposure to any single industry group.
* Fundamental value approach
* Focus on capital preservation
* Margin of safety
* Disciplined
* Portfolio diversification

Source: Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management Inc.

AUM ($Bil)

Year Founded


Key Personnel

Lorne Steinberg, MBA CFA,President
Daniel Thompson, MBA CFA, Vice President
Brian Pinchuk, BEng MBA CFA, Portfolio Manager


1000 de la Gauchetiere Street West
Suite 3310
Montreal, Quebec, H3B 4W5

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