Company Summary

Money is personal and wealth management should be too.

Logan Wealth Management is an independent, boutique investment firm built on the fundamental principle that success is measured by each client meeting their specific goals. Our clients include individuals and families, corporations, and not-for-profit groups, each with their own distinct needs. Our process allows each client to enjoy a custom-built, bespoke portfolio, designed to match their unique objectives and situation.

Unique Value Proposition

Our services are built on five pillars:

Capital Preservation
We believe that volatility is the antithesis of long-term wealth creation, so we focus on capital preservation, and delivering strong, consistent, risk-adjusted returns. Our goal is always to meet our clients’ long-term objectives with the least possible risk.

No two clients are the same – yet, for some reason, the investment industry promotes a belief that a single portfolio can meet the needs of hundreds of clients. We believe the portfolio needs to adapt to meet the client, rather than the other way around!

Maintaining this flexibility allows us to design each of our clients’ portfolios to meet their own special requirements, whether it be tax, liquidity, or considerations associated with their personal circumstances, such as business risks.

Fundamentals Matter
When discussing investment strategy there can be significant noise as investors worry about political and economic events. By focusing on the fundamentals of individual companies, many of these distractions are minimized.

As shareholders we are entitled to the earnings of a company. Therefore earnings, and consistent earnings growth, are important. Valuation also matters, as overpaying for a great company is still an unsuccessful investment. By focusing on companies that meet these strict criteria, we believe our client portfolios will be well-positioned to provide strong risk-adjusted returns over time.

Client Relationships
Each of our clients works directly with the portfolio manager responsible for their portfolio. We seek to build long-term, trusting relationships with our clients as a basis for open, honest communication, which is important to truly understanding each client’s individual needs.

Clients leverage the strength of our Investment Committee in strategy development and security selection, while also benefiting from a personal relationship with their dedicated portfolio manager, who can implement the recommendations of the Investment Committee in a way that best suits their individual needs.

We serve no one besides our clients, so they rest comfortably knowing their needs are the only ones that matter.

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Key Personnel

Timothy Logan, CFA, President
Julie Brough, CFA, CFP, Executive Vice President


10 Alcorn Avenue, Suite 303
Toronto, ON M4V 3A9

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