Company Summary

Lewin Capital Management was founded by Daniel Lewin, an investment manager with over 20 years experience managing investment portfolios for institutional and private clients. Prior to LCM, Dan worked for 15 years as a senior equity analyst and decision-maker for two of Canada’s most reputable institutional investment management firms and was directly accountable and responsible for $2.5 billion in Canadian equity investments.

Dan founded LCM to provide an exclusive investment management service to high net worth clients who are committed to the principles of wealth preservation and capital growth over the long-term, but who are seeking an alternative to institutional money management.

Source: Lewin Capital Management Ltd.

Unique Value Proposition

First, LCM has a unique investment philosophy which informs how investments are made and is the backbone of the company. Central to this approach is the conservative view that the key risk to be avoided in investing is the potential for a permanent loss of capital.

Second, LCM’s structure differentiates it from the industry in that, first and foremost, LCM is structured to make money for its clients. The genesis for LCM came from the founder’s observation that today’s institutional money management industry is structured such that the interests of clients often come second to broader corporate objectives. The industry’s heavy focus on maximizing assets under management, managing to short-term investment time horizons, and measuring risk as volatility constrain the potential to earn the best risk-adjusted results for clients. To the greatest extent possible, LCM was created free of these constraints. As the founder of LCM is also a client (and thus earns the same returns as each and every client), the direct alignment of incentives puts the focus, above all, on earning competitive risk-adjusted returns. The investment horizon is truly long term, and performance reporting is done annually versus the standard quarterly convention.

Source: Lewin Capital Management Ltd.

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Key Personnel

Daniel Lewin, Founder


Suite 211 – 2150 Western Parkway
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1V6

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