Company Summary

Established in 1982, Kingwest & Company is an independent investment management company based in Toronto. Kingwest manages approximately $1.2 billion on behalf of high net worth and institutional clients around the world, including family offices, foundations, endowments and pension funds, investing in Canadian and US equity and fixed income.
Kingwest’s founding partner, Richard Fogler, is the originator of the firm’s investment strategies. Richard is an industry expert with over three decades of experience, and has invested through 7 major market cycles with one consistent investment process. He has done so while earning returns well above what the market indices have delivered over a comparable time frame.

Kingwest’s success can be attributed to three principles that the firm has abided by for over 30 years: put the client first, think sensibly, be patient.

Source: Kingwest & Company

Unique Value Proposition

Over 30 Years, One Strategy:

->Value investing works
We look to buy mispriced securities, where there is a meaningful discrepancy between the price and the value of the business, in a company that has the ability to compound value over time.

->Our process
Our investment process is entirely bottom-up. We look for situations where the market has not yet recognized a fundamental change in a company, or where the market has overreacted to a seemingly negative event.

->Forward looking approach
We invest in undervalued companies that have a high probability of increasing in price in three to five years, not for reasons related to the movement of share prices in general, but related to one or two company specific developments that will unlock value.

Benefits to our clients:
-> Better returns – creating more wealth, realizing our clients’ goals sooner.
-> Confidence – gained from the knowledge that we have never strayed from our investment process, and we have the history to show that the process works.
-> Smoother ride – historically we have outperformed in both up and down markets, and because of this our clients have experienced a smoother, more profitable ride.
-> Comfort – over 100 years of combined experience with 4 portfolio managers.

Source: Kingwest & Company

AUM ($Bil)


Year Founded


Key Personnel

Richard Fogler, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager
Tim Regan CFA, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager
Lionel Fogler, Vice President, Portfolio Manager


86 Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 2H2

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