Company Summary

KeyPoint Wealth offers professional, independent investment advisory services to high net-worth individuals, families, businesses, Aboriginal communities and not-for-profit organizations.

We offer customized, comprehensive and unbiased investment advice and partner with our clients’ to develop, implement and monitor investment programs designed to achieve their long-term objectives. We do not receive any third-party commissions from any of the firms that we recommend. Our independence allows us to avoid conflicts of interest and uniquely positions us to counsel in the best interest of our clients’.

Our services include investment policy design, strategic asset allocation, manager research and selection and portfolio monitoring and reporting. Our focus allows us to provide our clients’ with the very best advice regarding these key areas of the investment process.

Source: KeyPoint Wealth Advisory Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

We create peace of mind by designing, implementing and monitoring customized plans to preserve and increase our clients’ wealth.

Independent & Privately Owned
We are not affiliated with any banks or financial institutions, and do not accept fees or commissions from any of the managers that we recommend. Our independence allows us to be true financial advocates and ensures a high level of accountability.

Our independence allows us to offer more than just the traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds. We can broaden the scope of the portfolio – and potential returns – by including non-traditional investments such as private equity and real estate.

Relationships & Service
We take the time to understand each client’s unique circumstances, goals, expectations and desires. We work hard to earn and retain the confidence and trust of our clients’. Our recommendations and reports are client-specific, individually-tailored and comprehensive.

Source: KeyPoint Wealth Advisory Inc.

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Key Personnel

Denny Roman, CFA, President & Founder


Suite 205 - 2298 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6K 1G1

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