Company Summary

Founded in 2001, JC Clark Ltd. is a Toronto based independent investment firm that manages long/short equity portfolios on behalf of high net worth individuals and families, in addition to institutional investors and foundations. We have developed and maintained relationships with our existing clients for decades.

Our unique investment approach strives to both protect and grow capital through various market conditions. The firm is committed to meeting the needs of our clients by aiming to preserve capital, attain outstanding risk-adjusted absolute returns, and by maintaining low correlations to the broad equity market indices whenever possible.

By employing a unique value-based strategy that strives to deliver returns in all market conditions, we are able to offer our clients an attractive alternative to traditional funds whose returns may be highly dependent on overall equity market returns. With this approach, we strive to better manage risk by insulating client portfolios from the vagaries and volatility of the general markets.

The principals of the firm have successfully executed alternative investment strategies for more than 15 years. We believe that all clients should be focused on maximizing long-term absolute returns, rather than short-term relative returns.

Source: JC Clark Ltd

Unique Value Proposition

JC Clark Ltd.’s investment philosophy is based on a disciplined and opportunistic application of timeless value investing principles. Our bottom-up fundamental approach focuses on identifying investment opportunities in mis-priced securities. Through an in-depth due diligence process, we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of both industry dynamics and fundamental business characteristics. Principal evaluation benchmarks include demonstrated management strength, significant free cash flow, a solid balance sheet, and high competitive barriers to entry. Our size, flexibility, and broad array of investment techniques allow us to effectively execute on investment opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable to larger, traditional asset managers.

In practice, we execute on an investment opportunity only when we believe a comfortable margin of safety exists. Typically, this requires buying a business at a significant discount to its intrinsic value. Our disciplined and often contrarian approach means that we avoid investment manias and fads and their associated risks.

Source: JC Clark Ltd

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Key Personnel

Michael Meighen, Q.C, Chairman
Colin Stewart, CFA, Chief Executive Officer & Portfolio Manager
Alex Davidson Portfolio Manager
Martin Braun, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager


130 Adelaide Street West, Suite 3400
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3P5 Canada

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