Company Summary

Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited is a registered investment counseling firm, managing pension funds, endowment funds and corporate and private portfolios for clients in North America and overseas. The company was founded in 1955 as an investment research firm. In the early 1960s, the firm began to use this research material to counsel private investors and, in 1966, extended its client base to include pension funds.

For more than half a century since its founding, the firm has held a leading position in the field of investment management. With offices located in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, the firm manages investment funds on behalf of governments, corporations, universities, labour unions and individuals with assets exceeding $30 billion Canadian dollars.

The firm’s primary objective is the growth of its clients’ capital through conservative, low-risk investment in high-quality securities, selected through stringent fundamental analysis. This approach has produced consistent results through changing economic environments. It believes that investing a portion of the clients’ portfolios outside of Canada is key to achieving its objectives of protecting capital and long-term growth. Non-Canadian markets offer unparalleled opportunities to invest in global companies operating in sectors otherwise unavailable to Canadian investors.

The firm is known for defending shareholder rights and is actively committed to promoting strong corporate governance, as well as exercising influence to ensure that shareholders’ interests are at the forefront of corporate actions.

Source: Jarislowsky Fraser

Unique Value Proposition

Jarislowsky Fraser’s primary goal is growing capital for its clients in a low risk manner. The firm’s philosophy is founded upon conservative, time proven principles of fundamental investing. The firm constructs diversified, high quality portfolios that are designed to preserve the real purchasing power of its clients’ funds with minimal risk and to achieve long-term growth for its clients. This investment approach has produced consistent returns through changing economic environments. It has been particularly effective in minimizing the volatility prevalent in today’s global markets. The firm’s investment philosophy has not changed throughout the history of the firm.

Jarislowsky Fraser employs a low risk approach toward the management of both equities and fixed income investments. Securities of companies that the firm believes to be speculative are avoided. Investing in proven, well-managed, high quality companies which are financially sound minimizes portfolio risk. This approach is reinforced through extensive in-house equity and fixed income securities analysis. The firm believes high quality equities are the best source of long-term growth for a portfolio, while bonds should provide income to meet current requirements.

Jarislowsky Fraser uses a number of risk controls in order to reduce volatility and preserve capital over the long term:

Emphasis on long term trends
Fundamentally based research
Focus on high quality stocks
Portfolio diversification
Low portfolio turnover (reducing costs and promoting tax efficiency for taxable investors)

Source: Jarislowsky Fraser

AUM ($Bil)


Year Founded


Key Personnel

Stephen A. Jarislowsky, Founder
G. Pierre Lapointe, President
John Ferguson, Chairman of the Board
Eron O'Brien, Executive Committee Member


20 Queen Street West, Suite 3100
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3R3

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