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At JC Hood Investment Counsel, we are licensed Portfolio Managers; we manage your money, commission free, at an all inclusive fee of 1% annually (.80% over 1MM) plus ETF expenses. Our objective is to provide investors with superior long term performance with the lowest possible investment costs. We believe very strongly that high investment costs are a huge impediment to capital growth. We believe that investors value clarity, the ability to understand the strategy and direction of their retirement assets. We use ETFs (exchange traded funds) extensively; ETFs are based upon an underlying index, whether the TSX, the S&P500 or a global or market sector index. This not only helps to keep our fees low but they greatly simplify your portfolio and your ability to monitor it’s performance.

Since Sept.2000, we have brought Private Wealth Management services to the mid-range as well as to the high net worth investor .Most client portfolios including both RRSP and non-registered assets are between $300,000 to $3,000,000 with about $700,000 as the median account size.

Source: J.C. Hood Investment Counsel Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

Our clients assets are not pooled they are individually managed.
Most clients enquiring about our firm, usually have a portfolio of mutual funds or one of the ‘multi-manager wrap accounts’. Quite apart from the high cost of these plans, they frequently have a similar asset mix irrespective of the clients age, risk tolerance or objectives. For individuals approaching retirement age, their priorities are tax advantaged income and capital preservation. Their portfolio should reflect this by being predominantly in Canadian markets, the currency that they are retiring in– and not dispersed across in diverse global/emerging markets. For individuals wanting a growth portfolio, these international assets or industry sectors can be added to their portfolio without added currency risk and at much lower costs by using currency hedged ETF’s.

Source: J.C. Hood Investment Counsel Inc.

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John Hood BA,MA,FCSI, Portfolio Manager


505 Bella Vista Drive
Pickering, Ontario
L1W 2A7

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