Company Summary

iNFiNi-t Wealth Management Advisers Inc. is a firm dedicated to providing independent advisory services to private, high net worth clients and foundations with complex wealth management needs. We act as your family financial adviser to recommend a complete, sophisticated approach to managing your family’s wealth.

Our services include developing investment policies, determining asset allocation, selecting managers, negotiating fees, coordinating with risk management specialists and ongoing monitoring of the overall performance of the investment portfolio.

We proudly oversee more than 1 billion dollars in assets for our clients.

Source: iNFiNi-t Wealth Management Advisers Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

Independence: We are remunerated solely by our clients. We accept no trailing commissions or fees directly or indirectly from financial product suppliers, thus ensuring that we provide our clients with completely objective advice.

Integrity: Our firm has always set very high professional standards, employing highly dynamic people with a great deal of integrity. Our sole concern is to give you peace of mind as to how your wealth is managed while ensuring that a team of experts is constantly at work by your side, for you and the next generation.

Intelligence: We have vast expertise in providing investment advisory services to our clients. We will introduce you to unique managers who have excelled in our quantitative and qualitative selection process. All in all, we constantly search for new ideas and solutions for protecting and enhancing your wealth.

Source: iNFiNi-t Wealth Management Advisers Inc.

AUM ($Bil)


Year Founded


Key Personnel

Normand Coulombe, President
Marie-Line Bérubé, Executive Vice President
Philippe Côté, Vice President


1155 René-Lévesque Blvd. West, Suite 2920
Montreal, Quebec
H3B 2L3

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