Company Summary

Guardian Capital Group is a diversified financial services company with deep roots in Canada. We´ve been an active player in the investment community for more than 50 years. In that half-century, we´ve earned a reputation for solid performance through strong alliances and deep fundamental understanding of financial markets. We build wealth year by year – client by client, one trusted relationship at a time. Let us put our history to work for you.

Source: Guardian Capital

Unique Value Proposition

The Guardian investment philosophy is based on a few key, time-tested principles. These principles are the foundation to our approach for security analysis, our ongoing investment process and our view on risk:

A Sustainable Investment Approach – We believe in having a clear and thorough understanding of the companies we invest in. Whether equities, fixed income or real estate, our research process rigorously uncovers the fundamental elements of a company and the securities in which we invest. We believe this process is the best risk control in a portfolio.

A Team-based Research Process – We believe our accomplishments to date have been derived in large part from our strong team of investment professionals. Our experienced portfolio managers work in a team environment, that encourages enough independence to help foster a unique collaborative working perspective on the markets.

Our View of Risk – In addition to proper diversification standards, which is integral in managing risk in any markets, we believe risk is also controlled and defined by the quality of our research, our investments and our comprehensive ongoing understanding of these investments.

Source: Guardian Capital

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Key Personnel

Denis Larose, Chief Investment Officer
Gary Chapman, Managing Director, Canadian Equity
Srikanth Iyer, Managing Director, Systematic Strategies
Peter Hargrove, Managing Director - Fixed Income


Commerce Court West
199 Bay Street, Suite 3100
Toronto, Ontario
M5L 1E8

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