Company Summary

Gryphon was incorporated by a team of investment managers in 1981 and began offering investment management services that year. Gryphon was founded as a private partnership. 86.7% of the company is owned by its operating partners and active employees.

Gryphon owns 30% of Gryphon International Investment Corporation, which was founded in 1995. Partners of Gryphon International are responsible for all foreign equity management.

Their mission is to advocate the highest standards of unbiased portfolio management in the interest of investors served by Members, as well as to increase public awareness of investment counseling and its benefits.

Some of our portfolio managers, Terry Walsh, Ron Kaulbach and George Kiddell are also members of The Association of Canadian Pension Management (“ACPM”). ACPM is the national voice of Canada’s pension industry, dedicated to the health and growth of Canada’s retirement income system.

Source: Gryphon Investment Counsel

Unique Value Proposition

Gryphon’s investment philosophy is that value can be added to client benchmarks by both security selection and by actively managing the asset mix.

We recognize that in every environment, the outlook always has an element of uncertainty, and we account for this in portfolio structure, both at the asset mix level and within the asset sectors.

Gryphon’s investment process begins by first developing a broad based macroeconomic view of the world. This involves developing forward estimates and price levels for the key North American markets, forecasts of both long and short-term interest rates, gross domestic product, inflation and other macroeconomic factors. Based on these forecasted variables, a range of independent scenarios is developed and assessed for the likelihood of occurrence. This forecasting technique helps us determine the return and risk profile for individual asset classes. This also ensures a continuous recognition of the risks inherent in our current strategy as well as a full range of alternate portfolios. Should there exist a more favourable risk/return strategy, it is implemented.

Source: Gryphon Investment Counsel

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Key Personnel

Terry Walsh, President & CEO (Gryphon Investment Counsel)
Ronald Kaulbach, Managing Partner (Gryphon Investment Counsel)
Larry McManus, President & CCO (Gryphon International)
Alex Becks, Principal, Chairman, CFO (Gryphon International)


20 Bay Street, Suite 1905
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2N8

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