Company Summary

Globevest Capital was established in 2002 by two experienced portfolio managers. Owners and founders Patrick Proulx and Miguel Mediavilla focused the new firm’s private portfolio management methods around risk management strategies, an approach still little known in the early 2000s.

This project fused their interest in finance, math and computer science with their plan to create an innovative enterprise offering a new management style supported by personalized service.

Globevest Capital grew swiftly, taking on two advisors and more recently, another partner. The administrative team has also expanded to ensure outstanding client care.

Globevest Capital remains one of the few firms specializing in both portfolio and risk management. Its founders remain driven by their original commitment to effective portfolio management.

Source: Globevest Capital

Unique Value Proposition

Globevest Capital is dedicated to providing the best possible return for a given risk level. Risk management resides at the core of our investment philosophy. We seek to ensure an optimal return, accompanied by a low level of risk. That is why we are constantly on the lookout for increasingly effective risk-management tools based on proven and reliable mathematical processes.

In addition to delivering exceptional portfolio management services, Globevest Capital is devoted to excellence in meeting client needs. We primarily base our growth and our success on superior and personalized client service. We enforce the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity. Client confidence is built on our strict portfolio management procedures. Transparency is a key element of this effort. We provide information in plain language to keep clients fully informed about their investments and portfolios. We meet client expectations by complying with the highest standards of integrity, objectivity and professionalism.

Knowledge is essential to effective risk management at Globevest Capital. Our ongoing research keeps us on top of the economic situation.

Source: Globevest Capital

AUM ($Bil)


Year Founded


Key Personnel

Patrick Proulx, President and Portfolio Manager
Miguel Mediavilla, Vice President and Portfolio Manager
Antoine Natale, Senior Partner and Portfolio Manager


430 Sainte-Helene Street, Suite 201
Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 2K7

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