Company Summary

Genova Private Management is an independent personal financial management firm. We provide integrated planning, reporting, tax and portfolio management services for a select group of affluent Canadian individuals and their families. We help clients secure their lifestyles and legacies through our common sense approach to investing and financial management.

Source: Genova Private Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

Aligned Interests
We align our interests with our clients. We think clients are entitled to have their assets managed the same way we manage our own and we invest in the same businesses that our clients do. Our fee structure is based on the portfolio’s value, not transactions or hourly rates. Your success defines ours.

Independent and Agile
Genova is owned and operated by independent professionals who owe no allegiance to outside shareholders or other financial institutions. As a boutique, we are able to provide clients with the high degree of personal service they deserve and are not precluded from investment opportunities because of size.

Value-added Services
Where appropriate, clients may take advantage of supplementary services including bookkeeping and tax return preparation as well as aggregate reporting for clients with multiple investment managers. Through Genova, clients have access to a broad network of outside professionals (lawyers, accountants, business valuators, etc.) with whom we have worked and to whom clients can be referred when circumstances dictate.

Source: Genova Private Management Inc.

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Key Personnel

Alan Dewling, Managing Director
Jennifer Dewling, Managing Director
Celina Benic, Manager of Private Office Services


90 Adelaide St. West,
Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3V9

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