Company Summary

Frontwater Capital is Senior Investment Counsel to a limited number of sophisticated, affluent and high net worth families. Our niche is that we are able to optimize a client’s total wealth, be it personal or corporate. Clients choose Frontwater Capital for our expertise in portfolio management, option overlay strategies, corporate hedging, and access to institutional rates in the foreign exchange and commodities area.

Source: Frontwater Capital Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

Frontwater Capital is an independent investment firm specializing in wealth management mandates. Frontwater strives to consistently add value for clients by employing a sophisticated, personalized approach supported by the unique insights of an experienced and proven team. Whether it is investing in stocks, trading commodity futures, purchasing GICs, negotiating an insured annuity, hedging foreign exchange, our team does it all with the sole goal of maximizing every opportunity for our client base.

Source: Frontwater Capital Inc.

AUM ($Bil)

Year Founded


Key Personnel

Jeff Kaminker, Portfolio Manager


1920 Yonge St #200
Toronto, ON
M4S 3E2

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