Company Summary

The services of Exponent Investment Management are twofold:
Fee-Only Financial Planning:
We will work with you to establish your financial vision and show you how to reach your goals.

Discretionary Investment Management:
You want someone to manage your investments that will enable you to reach financial goals. Discretionary Investment Management means:

– We do not sell a product and are not remunerated on commission.
– Our fees are based on the assets that we manage.
– Exponent Investment Management will structure your investment portfolio for you.
– Exponent Investment Management will make the day-to-day investment management decisions for you.

When you hire Exponent Investment Management, you also hire a custodian: National Bank Independent network or credential securities / visa wealth. The custodian is the entity responsible for the safekeeping of your investments and is an independent company.

When you hire Exponent Investment Management, you also get cutting edge reporting. You will receive monthly reports from the custodian, and online viewing access to your investments. We make tracking your investments easy and transparent.

Source: Exponent Investment Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition


A lack of planning is a plan to fail. We can help you structure investments to reduce your taxes and your fees. We can also call on a team of external experts to structure the most efficient tax and estate plan for you, your business and your family.


Once you have a sound plan in hand, we will execute this plan. How much should you invest in bonds, in stocks or other assets? Should you pay off debt or save more? We’ll help you stick to the plan.


We seek out and invest in publically listed companies that have a history, a policy and an ability to increase their dividends to shareholders (owners) over time.

Source: Exponent Investment Management Inc.

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Key Personnel

Benoit Poliquin, President and Portfolio Manager
Graham Mayes, Partner and Portfolio Manager
Mathew Hall, Partner and Portfolio Manager
Stephan Desbiens, Partner and Portfolio Manager
Tyson Charlebois, Partner and Portfolio Manager


180 Elgin Street, Suite 1302
Ottawa, ON K2P 2K3

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