Company Summary

Evans Investment Counsel is an independent, discretionary portfolio management firm based in Toronto, Canada. We are registered as a Portfolio Manager and Investment Fund Manager with the Ontario Securities Commission, and as a Portfolio Manager with the Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Quebec Securities Commissions.

Our goal has not changed since the firm’s inception in 1988: We have always focused exclusively on preserving and growing the wealth of high net worth individuals, families, private foundations, and business owners.

Our formula is not complicated. It is our practice to stay the course and, when necessary, make unpopular decisions which we expect will result in great investments.

Our client base has grown steadily since we opened our doors in 1988. We manage assets for over 270 families, who together have over $1.2 billion invested with us. Our growth has primarily been achieved through client referrals and centres of influences such as lawyers and accountants, which reflects their trust and satisfaction in us.

Source: Evans Investment Counsel

Unique Value Proposition

Evans Investment Counsel has several competitive advantages:

Proven Investment Process. We are value investors and buy where the risk/return profile of a security is attractive.

Proven Performance. Our portfolios have consistently exceeded our composite benchmarks by a wide margin over the medium and long term.

We Neither Look Like Nor Perform Like the Index. We rely on our in-house research and screening processes, and follow a defined methodology. Most of our competitors try to protect their business by mimicking the benchmark.

Aligned Interests. Our portfolio managers invest their personal wealth alongside you.

Global Perspective. Despite our North American bias, we take advantage of value opportunities anywhere in the world.

We have successfully invested in Britain, Europe, Japan and emerging markets.
Investment Versatility. In addition to large corporations, we invest in small and medium sized firms. This is more difficult for multi-billion dollar competitors to do because they need to buy and sell a much larger volume if they want a position to be meaningful to their clients’ portfolios.

Finding Fixed Income Value. We take an opportunistic approach by seeking price inefficiencies in corporate bonds and preferred shares.

Clients. We serve an exclusive number of high net worth individuals, families, endowments and foundations, and offer customized services that meet all of their needs.

Personal Attention. You deal directly with our staff, including the portfolio managers, who make all investment decisions. You can call any one of us, at any time.

Segregated and Pooled Funds. In addition to segregated accounts, we also manage a private pooled fund. Segregated accounts enable us to tailor client portfolios to their priorities, such as excluding certain stocks due to personal ethical beliefs. The pooled fund, however, allows us to manage smaller amounts of capital more efficiently.

Source: Evans Investment Counsel

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Key Personnel

Rob Evans, Partner & Portfolio Manager
Keith Martin, Partner and Portfolio Manager
Don Barber, Portfolio Manager
Daniel Glazerman, Vice President


1202 - 181 University Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5H 3M7

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