Company Summary

Davis Rea was founded in 1997 with the merger of D.A.C. Davis Investment Counsel Inc. and Lewis-Rea Ltd., leaders in the Canadian wealth management industry for over twenty years. We’re proud of our history of providing wise investment counsel and superior client service. We’re a nimble and disciplined investment team, supported by original research and an international perspective, with risk management at the centre of everything we do.

Davis Rea is built on the principle that we regard our clients as if they are our closest friends. Our clients have a direct relationship with their manager—face-to-face. By making investing this personal, we’re able to give immediate advice and answers on all things financial, with our number one goal being to provide you with unbiased and objective investment strategies.

Source: Davis Rea Ltd.

Unique Value Proposition

In the discovery phase, we ask a number of questions: What are your assets? What are your needs and objectives? What are your income requirements and risk tolerance? What is your investment time horizon? These questions inform the development of an effective investment strategy. This means that every Davis Rea Client has a customized investment portfolio that defines what success means to them.

Davis Rea has a deep history and extensive experience investing in a broad range of securities and asset classes, including domestic and foreign stocks and bonds as well as emerging market securities. Why? Because narrowly focused investment managers have a tendency to be completely focused – regardless of the risk/return profile—on their known investible universe. Such constraints tend to eliminate critical or contrarian thinking to the potential detriment of the investor. We are vigilant, aware of the risks of being unduly biased in any direction. As we strive to build equity in your investments, we never lose focus of the risks.

Source: Davis Rea Ltd.

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Key Personnel

John O'Connell, CEO & Portfolio Manager
Zachary Curry, President & Portfolio Manager
Ian Fung, VP & Portfolio Manager


41A Hazelton Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5R 2E3

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