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Our primary goal at Cypress Capital Management is to provide top-quality client service at a reasonable cost; where the best interest of the client is paramount. We are committed to being honest and transparent regarding return expectations, risks, fees and our capabilities as investment managers. We strive to align our interests as managers with those of our clients, to minimise potential conflicts and to ensure we are working towards providing the best investment solutions.

At Cypress we take our role as fiduciary managers seriously. Our clients place a high-level of trust in our judgment and investment skill and should, therefore, expect the highest level of honesty and ethical behaviour in return.
Stock markets are volatile and future returns are uncertain. Our fundamental view, however, is that we can add value for our clients by constructing the appropriate investment portfolio for their specific circumstances, and through continued client education on the principles of investing.

Our existing clients are our sales force and by providing top-quality professional service we have been able to consistently grow our business despite the fluctuations in the markets. As we continue to expand our business any gains in market share we achieve will not come at the expense of the professional and individualised client service that we pride ourselves on.

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Unique Value Proposition

Our investment management process is based on the investment philosophy of leading academic researchers such as: Markowitz, Sharpe, Tobin, Fama, French, Black, Treynor, Kahneman, Brinson, Malkiel, Bogle, Ellis, Swensen and Samuelson.
The following beliefs guide our investment decisions:

Equity markets are generally efficient, particularly with respect to large capitalization companies. This does not mean that the ‘market’ cannot significantly under or overvalue securities for extended periods of time, it simply means that identifying and effectively exploiting these mispricings is difficult.
Active management adds value primarily in areas where the markets are not efficient. These areas of market inefficiency tend to be in small-cap companies and illiquid stocks.
Smaller independent firms are in the best position to exploit market inefficiencies through active investment management.

Valuation is crucial. Investors that buy shares in good companies, in solid industries, at reasonable valuations will do very well in the long-term. In our view this is the key take-away when we compare the ‘Tech Bubble’ of the early 2000′s to the more recent ‘Financial Crisis’ of 2007-2009.

It is important to provide clients with a broad understanding of how the capital markets work.
The biggest investment mistakes are rooted in human nature and are due to a lack of understanding of how the capital markets work. We strive to help clients understand the vagaries of the capital markets to ensure they feel totally comfortable with their investment program.

Source: Cypress Capital Management Ltd.

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Key Personnel

Dean Alexander, Portfolio manager
Greg Bay, B. Comm, CFA
Tom Dean, BA, MBA, CFA


Suite 1700 - 1055 West Georgia St.
PO Box 11136
Vancouver, B.C.
V6E 3P3 Canada

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