Company Summary

Counsel Portfolio Services is a comprehensive portfolio service company centered on providing investors with a disciplined approach to investing for the long-term. We achieve this in partnership with Advisors. Together, we are dedicated to providing you with a sound intellectual framework to help you make effective long-term investment decisions. We achieve this through the continuous research, selection & monitoring of investment specialists, and by providing solutions that are efficiently diversified and effectively managed. We provide Advisors with innovative practice management tools that enable them to deliver ideal investment solutions. We support Advisors in delivering an outstanding service experience as they help you live your dreams.

Source: Counsel Portfolio Services

Unique Value Proposition

We maintain a strict adherence to the concept of independence in money management. We achieve this by exclusively utilizing the strength and expertise of independent investment specialists. Through careful research and due diligence, we take an objective approach to hiring external investment specialists. Our independence gives us the ability to replace a specialist who fails to meet our criteria for their respective investment mandates.

Source: Counsel Portfolio Services

AUM ($Bil)

Year Founded


Key Personnel

Sam Febbraro, President and CEO
Reggie Alvares, Executive Vice President
Frank Gawlina, Chief Financial Officer


220 Bay Street, Suite 500
P.O. Box 25
Toronto, ON
M5J 2W4

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