Company Summary

Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd. (CC&L Private Capital) is an independent, discretionary investment counsellor managing portfolios for high net worth individuals, foundations and First Nations across Canada.

CC&L Private Capital focuses on listening to clients to understand their financial goals, providing them with personalized, tax-efficient portfolios, supported with on-going, high-quality service. As an outcome-oriented firm, investment professionals work closely with clients to ensure their investment plans have the flexibility to meet changing market conditions and personal situations.

Multi-asset diversification, comprising traditional and alternative assets, is the cornerstone of CC&L Private Capital’s investment process. Uniquely, the firm brings together independent investment management teams, each managing a distinct asset class and adhering to its own investment process, ensuring consistency over time and diversification by region, style and sector. This allows clients to benefit from portfolio strategies that use a flexible yet disciplined pension-style approach to asset allocation.

As a privately owned company founded in 1997, CC&L Private Capital’s sole focus is on client satisfaction. Clients place their trust in the company to preserve and build their wealth, based on CC&L Private Capital’s clear commitment to its clients’ financial success.

Unique Value Proposition

CC&L Private Capital is proud to be one of the largest privately-held investment counsellors in Canada, and clients gain many benefits from the company’s independent status. CC&L Private Capital specializes in investment management, supported by first-class investment research, and takes pride in its strong track record managing clients’ wealth. Independence from major bank ownership means that the success of the business rests solely on supporting clients to successfully meet their long-term investment objectives.

The company aims to deliver best-in-class client outcomes; this philosophy permeates the business, resulting in the evolution of its investment platform, which was first to the Canadian private client market with pension-style, alternative asset classes. Clients can add investments in infrastructure, commercial real estate and private loans to their portfolios. These illiquid investments, which historically have been available only to large institutions, have higher return expectations than fixed income, coupled with less volatility and lower correlation to equity markets—incorporating them into a balanced portfolio may result in the same expected return with a reduction of volatility, or an improved expected return while maintaining the same level of volatility.

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Richard Pope, Vice President


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