Company Summary

Bush Associates Ltd. is a fully integrated investment counselling firm serving individuals, families, estates, trusts and investment holding companies.

Bush Associates Ltd. offers full discretionary management of individual investment portfolios as well as related services including estate and tax planning, tax return preparation and filing, corporate accounting and the payment of household accounts.

Our goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive, professional and personalized service. Each investment portfolio is managed separately and designed to meet each client’s unique investment objectives and constraints.

Headquartered in Montreal, Bush Associates Ltd. is registered as an investment counselling firm in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Columbia. We have clients in all those provinces as well as in the United States, England, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Monaco and the Channel Islands.

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Unique Value Proposition

Bush Associates Ltd. maintains a conservative approach to investment in keeping with our objectives of capital preservation and long term capital growth. We primarily recommend the purchase of shares in large capitalization, blue chip Canadian and U.S. companies demonstrating strong track records with respect to earnings, management and dividend increases.

We gain exposure to expanding world economies through the businesses of North American multi-national corporations, as well as through direct participation in foreign markets when appropriate.

Our equity portfolios are diversified among industries as well as among specific stocks within those industries. Both the selection and weightings of stocks and weightings by sector are based on external research as well as our own analyses of corporate, industry and economic outlooks.

Where fixed income instruments are concerned, we buy investment grade bonds and debentures and top quality preferred shares. Bonds and debentures are generally a mix of short to medium term maturities to provide flexibility as credit conditions change. The extent of the role of preferred shares versus bonds in the fixed income portion of a portfolio may be dictated to some extent by available yields but also by tax considerations owing to the favourable treatment of dividend income versus interest income.

Source: Bush Associates Ltd.

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Key Personnel

David W. Bush, President, Portfolio Manager
Tim G. Frantz, Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Vivian Schmidt, Associate, Portfolio Manager


1010 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 1230
Montreal Quebec
H3A 2R7

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