Company Summary

Striving to Protect & Build Wealth for Global Investors

Burgundy Asset Management is a leading global investment manager providing discretionary investment management for private clients, foundations, endowments, pensions and family offices.

Seeking Value in Strong Companies

Our rigorous fundamental research enables us to seek out strong, undervalued companies with the potential to achieve solid, absolute returns over the long term.


Founded in 1991, Burgundy remains independent and employee owned. We invest alongside our clients so that our investment interests are directly aligned.

Source: Burgundy Asset Management

Unique Value Proposition

When we started Burgundy in 1991, we had two main goals:

Burgundy would protect and build our clients’ capital by focusing on earning superior long-term absolute returns without taking excessive risks

Burgundy would look after its clients extremely well.

While these goals may sound simple, they are not easy to achieve. Many investment firms fall short of these goals because they focus on short-term relative results, which is detrimental to performance over the long term.

Burgundy’s approach is based on investing in good companies, when we can buy them for less than they are worth.

Intensive research into individual companies and their management is the critical process that supports our investment decisions. Our investment process requires outstanding portfolio managers and research analysts who have both a long-term orientation and a contrarian bias. We make all our investment decisions this way and will never change this approach in the future.

Our ownership structure has been an important influence on our success. We are committed to remaining a private firm, owned by our key employees. A private ownership structure fosters stability and accountability that can be difficult to achieve in a larger corporate structure or in a public company.

Source: Burgundy Asset Management

AUM ($Bil)


Year Founded


Key Personnel

Tony Arrell, CEO
Richard E. Rooney, FCA, CFA, President & Chief Investment Officer
Fayaz Sulrman, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Lloyd G. Barbara, Vice Chairman


Bay Wellington Tower, Brookfield Place
181 Bay Street, Suite 4510
Toronto, ON
M5J 2T3

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