Company Summary

Bull Wealth Management Group Inc. (BWMG) is a privately held Canadian company that provides investment advisory and consulting services to institutional and private clients. Total assets under advisement are in excess of $1.7 Billion.

Founded by James A. Bull in March 2000, BWMG provides wealth management services directly to high net worth private families and investment consulting services to selected institutional clients including corporations, charitable foundations, unions and pension plans. BWMG services include investment planning, money manager searches, portfolio measurement/monitoring and client reporting. Absolute objectivity, the highest professional standards, and independent research are the foundation of our consulting services.

Jim founded and managed the investment consulting practice at Ernst & Young in the 1990’s. After 27 years with the firm, he left to replicate its success and evolve it to a new level by founding BWMG in March 2000.

Source: Bull Wealth Management Group

Unique Value Proposition

“When I founded BWMG in 2000, my goal was to create a firm with a strong client-focus and a level of professionalism that was lacking in the current market. Our team has worked to maintain a level of ruthless objectivity to ensure that we could provide the best possible wealth management advice.

Several years later, our passion for helping clients remove the “burden” of wealth and achieve peace of mind have remained strong. We have grown much larger but our focus on the client and objectivity has remained steadfast. Our consistent growth speaks to our quality and professionalism, and has allowed us to enhance our services to both private and institutional clients. ” — James A. Bull, Vice Chairman and Founder

Source: Bull Wealth Management Group

AUM ($Bil)


Year Founded


Key Personnel

James A. Bull, Vice Chairman and Founder
Julian C. Smith, President and CEO
Peter Klein, Managing Partner and CIO


4100 Yonge Street, Suite 612
Toronto, ON
M2P 2B5

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