Company Summary

Brookfield Soundvest Capital Management Ltd. was established in 1970 as JRF Financial Consultants Ltd. The name of the Firm was changed to Brookfield Soundvest in 2008. Brookfield Soundvest provides investment management services to high net-worth individuals, insurance companies, foundations, trusts, and publicly traded closed end funds.

Brookfield Soundvest is 50% owned by management of Brookfield Soundvest and 50% by Brookfield Asset Management – a publicly traded, global asset management company with approximately $80 billion in assets.

Brookfield Soundvest is a registered investment advisor with securities commissions in both Canada and the United States.

We attribute our longevity to never straying from our own values of wisdom, responsiveness, collaboration and commitment. It is a commitment that has helped us maintain strong client relationships that have stood the test of time.

At Brookfield Soundvest, we also think about the value of a dollar. We think about it in monetary terms, but equally in human terms. Our entire company is built around this understanding. We really do care about our clients because it is not just about the money. Most of our clients have trusted us with capital assets that have taken a lifetime to build. Our role is to protect and enhance those assets for our clients.

Source: Brookfield Soundvest Capital Management

Unique Value Proposition

Brookfield Soundvest employs a conservative, long-term “growing-concern” approach to the management of investment assets, relying on a thorough, in-depth understanding of a company’s business, its prospects, its management and its value.

Actively managed to provide value
Client focused asset allocation
In-house research and analysis
Our expertise covers equities and fixed income


Our Four Pillars

1. Wisdom

Wisdom is what makes our many years of knowledge and experience valuable. We pride ourselves on our independent thinking in an industry where the herd instinct often predominates. Through primary, rigourous and thorough research, we take a comprehensive view of every investment opportunity including a company’s history, prospects, management and value prior to making any decisions.

The Brookfield Soundvest investment approach recognizes the uniqueness of each of our client’s goals, circumstances and requirements, and ensures that we meet their short, mid and long term needs.

2. Responsiveness

Responsiveness is what you notice when you need an answer, fast. The ultimate bottom line of our business is the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. In order to deliver on that promise, we first establish a detailed understanding of our client’s present and future financial goals. This understanding is what allows us to exceed our client’s expectations.

Every client is assigned to a team of Brookfield Soundvest professionals that works collaboratively to provide a proactive, responsive and customized investment management approach. Our clients have 100% access to their team.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration is the value of several perspectives expressed as one. Collaboration means helping clients achieve their financial goals, but equally their life goals. Whether they are achieving a lifelong ambition, helping someone else realize theirs or simply finding satisfaction in the prospect of opportunity, collaboration helps make it happen.

Our commitment to collaboration attracts those who believe that diverse perspectives create a more balanced approach. All Brookfield Soundvest portfolio managers draw from a broad base of knowledge, many years of experience and the coveted CFA designation.

4. Commitment

Commitment means delivering the best we can, on every level, all of the time. We have done very little marketing over the past 40 years we have been in business, which means the bulk of our clients have come to us purely on the recommendations of others. This speaks volumes about the level of commitment we make to our clients. To put it simply, our success is the result of performance, people, the quality of our thinking and approach.

The leadership at Brookfield Soundvest is unfalteringly committed to the well being of both clients and team members. Independant thinking, wisdom and hard work all play a role in guiding the direction of the firm and as a result, the long term growth of each client’s capital.

Source: Brookfield Soundvest Capital Management

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Key Personnel

Kevin Charlebois, President, Chief Investment Officer and Director
Ryan Cody, Portfolio Manager and Equity Analyst


100 Sparks Street
9th Floor
Ottawa, ON
K1P 5B7

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