Company Summary

Bellwether Investment Management Inc. (“Bellwether”) is a boutique investment manager that offers tailored investment solutions for High Net Worth (HNW) investors, Foundations, Estates and Trusts utilizing its proprietary “Disciplined Dividend Growth” Investment Process.
Bellwether provides discretionary investment management focused on North American Dividend Growth investing and is dedicated to serving the distinct needs of High Net Worth families, Foundations, Estates and Trusts. Our suite of investment solutions includes Canadian and US equity and fixed income segregated strategies as well as our proprietary pooled funds. We also use pooled funds for distinct strategies such as our small and medium capitalization companies’ portfolio. These segregated strategies and our funds can be tailored to create the right solution for a wide range of investor circumstance.

Source: Bellwether Investment Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

We believe a key element of the solution is Dividend Growth investing. A sound, proven approach to investing that has been used predominately in the management of estates and trusts for many years.
At its core, this approach is based on the premise of investing in companies with a history of paying a sustainable dividend. Dividends provide a regular source of income to the investor that can be used to support their lifestyle or be reinvested. The share price of dividend paying companies tend to fair better in periods of market turbulance because of their steady income. Also, Canadian source dividend income is taxed at a lower rate than most investor’s other income.

Source: Bellwether Investment Management Inc.

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Key Personnel

Bob Sewell, President and CEO
Steve Meehan, Chairman
Michael "Pinball" Clemons, Senior Vice President, Business Development


1267 Cornwall Road
Suite 202
Oakville, Ontario
L6J 7T5

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