Company Summary

We are an independently owned investment management firm providing customized wealth management to a select group of Canadians. We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients by endeavouring to protect their capital and by building their wealth over time.

Source: Baskin Financial Services Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

Baskin Financial will customize your Managed Account to your unique needs for capital preservation, income, growth and liquidity while also considering your tax situation. Investments will be chosen in accordance with Baskin Financial’s overall investment team approach, and your portfolio will be monitored regularly and adjusted as necessary by your personal Portfolio Manager who will keep you informed of key developments.
Your Managed Account will contain individual securities such as stocks, preferred shares, bonds and income trusts. These securities are owned and held directly by you at our preferred custodian, TD Waterhouse.
You will receive a monthly statement for each account you hold, and all trade confirmation slips from TD Waterhouse. Baskin Financial will also provide you with a more detailed reporting statement each month , which includes an overview of your portfolio’s holdings and performance, a description of monthly transactions and a client newsletter written by David Baskin and the Portfolio Management team. Our track record is a testament to our investing skill. Please go to
014/01/PerformancePg_Jan2014-FINAL.pdf to see how our managed accounts have performed over the last 17 years.

Source: Baskin Financial Services Inc.

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Key Personnel

David Baskin, President
Barry Schwartz, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager
Scott J. Mazi, Vice President & Portfolio Manager


95 St Clair W,
Toronto, ON
M4V 1N5

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