Company Summary

Barometer Capital Management manages investment portfolios for private investors, foundations and endowments. Barometer was formed in 2001, and today, Barometer remains an independent partner-owned firm with 26 employees that manages money for over 450 families with over $2.5 billion under management.

The partners created Barometer to offer investment services suited to the unique objectives of a private investor. As opposed to traditional institutional investment companies who measure success with relative returns, Barometer believes private investors are more interested in strategies aimed at generating a return above zero, while focusing on preservation of capital

Source: Barometer Capital Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

The Disciplined Leadership Approachâ„¢ combines a top-down market and sector risk assessment model with a bottom-up quantitative security selection process. Risk levels in various markets, sectors and asset classes are assessed and reassessed to determine the appropriate degree of exposure in each mandate versus holding cash or short term deposits. This allows us to focus portfolios in productive pockets of strength in market leading securities. Distilling our holdings, along with our willingness to hold significant cash positions in the absence of clear market leadership has helped us to have consistently positive returns.

Portfolio diversification is important. However, over diversification can lead to market-like, correlated returns. As active managers, our goal is not to simply mimic an index, rather to produce absolute returns. Whether equity portfolio, which is typically made up of 20-30 positions, balanced portfolio, which holds 30-40 positions or high-income portfolio at 40-50 positions, a portfolio that is focused provides diversification while allowing the most dynamic, best performing securities to make a difference.

Source: Barometer Capital Management Inc.

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Key Personnel

David Burrows, President, Chief Investments Strategist
Roy Scaini, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Greg Guichon, Chairman, Chief Portfolio Manager


1 University Ave #1910,
Toronto, ON
M5J 2P1

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