Company Summary

We strive for professional excellence and at all times execute our professional duties with the highest degree of integrity, competence, and diligence.

As committed fiduciaries, our clients rely on us to be independent, objective, transparent and accountable. We are entrusted with the responsible stewardship of their financial well being and we owe this responsibility the deepest standard of care.

We are active in our community, promote a strong culture of ethical behavior within our industry, have genuine respect for our professional colleagues, and strive to act in a manner with the public that reflects credit upon ourselves and our profession.

Source: Aventine Management Group

Unique Value Proposition

We believe that investing is less about avoiding risk than it is about taking risk well and having a plan to control your downside. All our strategies employ robust research and proactive risk management processes.

This focus on risk management comes from our belief that capital preservation is the number one concern of all long-term investors. Avoiding large losses protects both the wealth and psyche of our clients, and means we are never taking undue risk trying to “get back to even.”

We believe that active portfolio management adds value and is generally preferable to buy-and-hold strategies because no single security, sector or asset class will outperform in all market environments.

Source: Aventine Management Group

AUM ($Bil)

Year Founded


Key Personnel

Andrew Shortreid, President & CIO
Jim Pottow, Partner & Portfolio Manager


100 Saghalie Rd
Suite 105
Victoria, BC
V9A 0A1

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