Company Summary

Aldersley Securities Inc. was established September 1995 by Jack Aldersley, FCPA and his daughter, Helen E. Aldersley, CFP, CIM, FMA. Its purpose is to provide an independent investment advisory service for residents of Ontario. As of April 2019 we are managing over $85 million of client assets.

Our mission is to provide sound, competent, unbiased investment advice.  Our approach is personalized.  Whether it is all fixed income, all equities or a balance of both, we construct individual portfolios that are suitable for our client’s goals, circumstances and risk tolerance.

Source: Portfolio Management Association of Canada – PMAC

Unique Value Proposition

Our objective is to preserve and to grow client wealth by planning and building a diversified investment portfolio. Our equity portfolios consist of medium to large, Canadian, US and some international companies that pay stable dividends.  We do not make speculative investments unless specifically told to do so by a client.  Because different clients have different preferences, we do not provide pooled funds.

Source: Portfolio Management Association of Canada – PMAC

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Key Personnel

Helen E. Aldersley


560 10th Street
Hanover, Ontario N4N 1R7

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