Company Summary

Aegon Capital Management oversees more than $8 billion in traditional, institutional and asset liability matching investments.

Founded in 1994, ACM has been investing on behalf of Canada’s top pension funds, foundations and institutions for more than 15 years. Retail investors access the same investment professionals and investment approach that institutional investors have benefited from for years through mutual funds, segregated funds and third-party institutional asset managers.

Aegon Capital Management is backed by the strength of Aegon N.V., a Netherlands-based insurance and financial services company that manages more than US$300 billion in assets.

Aegon Capital Management’s founding principles, and competitive advantage, focuses on four elements in managing portfolios and meeting our clients’ goals: People, Process, Portfolios, and Performance. We believe that with this focus, the client’s needs are at the forefront and guide all investment actions.

Source: Aegon Capital Management

Unique Value Proposition

One of the few truly global investment managers in Canada

Our first mandates came from Canada’s top insurance funds, pension funds and institutions who have invested over $6 billion in assets with us. This heritage has forged an institutional approach when it comes to investing private investor assets that’s absent from conventional mutual fund firms. By choosing us, you can access the same investment team, the same investment approach and the same level of excellence institutions have enjoyed for years.

Professional continuity

We do not hire star managers. Nor do we cultivate them. We hire talented individuals with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about investing and demonstrate true potential. We mentor and train them over many years, each working alongside seasoned investment professionals. This allows for sustainable, consistent investment execution over the long term and seamless transitions among managers.

Consistency comes from our equity

One of the reasons institutional and individual investors turn to us is our repeatable outperformance. Consistency comes from our equity and fixed-income investment processes. We follow the same steps with every portfolio candidate.

42 is the average number of stocks we hold in equity portfolios

That’s the average number of stocks we hold in equity portfolios. It isn’t many. And it’s low by conventional standards. It’s a reflection of our research-driven investment process which leads to high conviction and concentrated portfolios. The same holds true within fixed-income portfolios which are also concentrated among the highest quality, highest yielding Canadian corporate bonds. The net effect is bond and equity portfolios that look quite different from benchmark representatives.

Performance should be about consistent, incremental returns

If you’re looking for shoot-the-lights-out performance, we may not be for you. We think performance should be about consistent, incremental returns. Our investors – companies and individuals – tell us they like it this way and it has been a hallmark of our firm for many years. Consistency of returns is demonstrated with our two largest retail fixed income and equity income mandates.

Source: Aegon Capital Management

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Key Personnel

Gregory Ross, CIO and Head of Fixed Income
Glenn Paradis, Head of Equities


5000 Yonge Street
8th Floor
Toronto, ON
M2N 7J8

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