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Through strong partnerships and trusting relationships, we provide strategic, financial, business and life counsel. We challenge and support clients to live intentionally and generously in line with their Christian values and God-given resources of time, talent and treasure.

Source: Covenant Capital Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

Holistic Approach to Managing Wealth
By holistic, we mean that we will not simply consider your individual financial or family business needs in isolation. Instead, we will walk you through each and every important step in your holistic stewardship plan, including:

Financial and Estate Planning
Wealth Management
Family Business and Succession Planning
Philanthropy and Charitable Giving

Through this comprehensive approach, we ensure you have the confidence and peace of mind that comes from having your questions answered – and the right decisions made. Through personal coaching and assessments, life counsel and career path planning, we will help you navigate through complex business and relationship dynamics – and create solid succession and transition plans for the future of yourself, your business and your family. Through working with Covenant, you can achieve:

A financial plan to transition comfortably into retirement.
Peace of mind that your estate is in order and your family is secure.
A strong business succession plan, with the right family members and employees prepared for transition.
Christian values and principles incorporated into all decisions and planning around your financial and philanthropic objectives.

Source: Covenant Capital Management Inc.

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Key Personnel

Glenn Murray, Birkman Consultant, President & Chief Investment Officer
Stephen Smith, Portfolio Manager & Chief Compliance Officer
Maria Dawes , Associate Portfolio Manager


20385 64th Ave (second floor)
Langley, BC
V2Y 1N5

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